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07 June 2017

Direct Traffic is now using the Online Induction portal to complete Company specific training and induction. please follow the link on the home page to register as a user and complete your induction. has provided us with 10 REASONS WHY MANAGEMENT SHOULD ADOPT the online induction portal process.
Traditional methods of inductions and safety briefing are becoming obsolete and there has been a massive take up to Online Induction systems, here are some of the reasons why:

  1. It's much more cost effective:
    • Time means money - by reducing the time it takes to learn

    In studies of six major companies, the Interactive Multimedia Association identified that training comprehension was 38-70% faster online

    • By reducing travel and accommodation costs
    • By reducing delivery costs
    • Paperless - No wastage, no postage, no photocopying, no stationery costs
    • Reduce Administration time
    • is the most cost effective system in the market today. Providing real value
      • Unlimited number of users
      • Unlimited number of courses
      • Unlimited amount of data
      • No Contract
      • Do the maths - our system costs $140 (AUD+GST) per month with a minor set up fee of $990 (AUD + GST). You should have a positive return within a few months or even weeks.

  2. Improved productivity of staff
    Your HR and Safety staff are very busy and need to spend their time on critical items that cannot be managed by automation. Chasing licenses, ensure compliance, doing face to face inductions and shuffling through paperwork is a poor utilisation of your skilled workforce. provides a Contract Management system that takes the administration away, including giving log-ons for Contracting Companies to manage its own information and its sub-contractors.

  3. Much improved Compliance
    • Automatic electronic audit trail
    • Collection of certificates, licenses and important relevant information via e-forms
    • Automatic alerts and reminders
    • Checklists and Assessment ensure Inductees competency
    • Card or Certificates issues.
    • Our cards can include a QR code eliminating the need for a visitor's book. Swipe in/Swipe out. See our Access Management system

  4. Accessibility
    It's a modern world and everyone has a phone, a good online system will provide an app so they do their induction from anywhere at any time and allows you to logon and logoff so you can take your time doing that long induction. is an app that can be downloaded onto your phone today. Completely mobile configured and works just as well on tablets or desktop.

  5. Real time information and reporting using automotive systems
    The system is reporting in real time, gathering information statistics and letting admin know who is doing what and when. Alerts via SMS and email with calendar systems should be available, keeping everyone in the loop. Uniquely we have the ability to reach contractors and employees by SMS all directly from the system.

  6. Improved Branding and Image
    Professionalism that the first impression that an online induction system gives. A good system will use your own graphics and branding, thus showing that you are innovative and efficient. Creating another mini website that has your look.

  7. More effective and engaging training
    Studies have proven that Online Systems are more effective as they provide consistency in delivery and employees can be engaged in more varied ways, including videos, checklists, slides and questionnaires. We can accommodate most mediums and can provide our add-on system Learning Management for extra courses and assessment. Lets you assign and create your own training matrix. The system also comes with a standard default Induction course for you use as you like. Professional Videos are available too.

  8. Easy to Use, you are in charge
    For the User:
    Simple streamlined system that are mobile configured for the user and are so easy to navigate and follow. Simple steps with questionnaires.

    For Admin:
    As the owner, a good online system has eradicated the days where you need to return to the supply to change a font or add a user or course. Systems should be completely controlled by the administration of a company now. Allowing you to amend, add, change and delete anything you like. Our system is so easy to use and doesn't need IT input or even great computer skills and will grow with your company.

  9. Secure
    Worried about the cloud? Don't be cloud based systems are incredibility secure. Usually servers are located in a chain of secure data centres across the world, with all servers mirror one and another in the event of hardware failure. Further, the following security strategies are also implemented:
    • One-way encryption of passwords
    • Fully managed servers in a secure data centre with latest software patches
    • Full Audit trail
    • Hardware and software firewalls
    • Anti-spam/virus software
    • And many others feature

  10. Innovative
    The exciting thing about an online system is that it is innovative, and should be continually evolving and improving. We have new features coming out all the time and also provide a range of Add-ons and other systems like:
    • Access Management
    • Online Job Applications
    • Learning Management
    • Incident Report
    • Risk Management System
    • Maintenance Software
    • Videos
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