Vehicle Trackers


07 June 2017

Direct Traffic Pty Ltd would like to take this opportunity to inform you that it has now installed GPS tracking devices on all Company Vehicles. The Company has decided to take this step after much careful consideration. The reason we have decided to proceed with the installation of GPS tracking devices on motor vehicles is as follows:

  • The Company will soon be undertaking projects, in which GPS tracking on Company Vehicles is mandatory,
  • The Company wishes to reduce its carbon footprint,
  • The Company wishes to ensure the safety of employees, by providing a “Panic Button” which will alert & notify management immediately that something is wrong and by providing your location whilst you are carrying out your duties,
  • The Company wishes to reduce its insurance premiums,

We would like to draw your attention to the following details:

  • Company vehicles will be tracked by location,
  • Surveillance will be continuous and ongoing,
  • Aim to reduce Vehicle Idling time's which in turn will lower our carbon footprint,
  • Provide a better service by providing accurate onsite arrival times for emergency works,
  • Monitor driving behaviour and reward employees who have an excellent safety record
  • Fuel Cards will be integrated with Fleetmatics GPS tracking, providing accurate ODO meter reading's to service stations,
  • Accurate servicing and registration reminders will be monitored via Fleetmatics software. Alerts will be sent to both drivers and maintenance staff of the Company when due.

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